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    Product Warranty

    ACP for Building Cladding 15 years
    (Working life: 20-50 years)
    ACP for General Decoration 6-10 years
    (Working life: 10-30 years)
    Feiteng ACP real working life is farther more than its warranty. We will replace the material if any quality issue during the warranty time.


    • Installing illustration and technology specification will be submitted along with the product

    • Free technology guidance

    • Solution for quality

    • and technology issue will be

    • submitted within 24 hours if any


    Selling PointFeiteng companyOther company
    Company capabilitySizeFeiteng was founded in 1994 who is one of the earliest  domestic company of metal composite panel. It has the most advanced production line which own the German technology and American patent. The company has strong ability of sustained business and has the ability of perform the contract with 15 years' guarantee for the material. We also passed ISO9001, ISO14001 international certification.Small investment, poor equipment, poor ability for sustained business. No ability to implement their warranty If any quality issue in the future.
    ManufacturabilityFeiteng has 14 automated production lines for all the process of metal composite panel production. Our annual manufacturability of Feiteng composite panel is more than 12 million square meters which can meet the delivery terms of customers with good quality and service.Only one or two production line, Not able to meet the schedule and quality request of big project.
    EquipmentProduction Equipemnt1.The dust-free production line of the company has a full set of international most advanced equipment. We run those production line for good quality material only.
    2.The company has all imported processing equipment to ensure the processing precision of metal panel, meet the requirements of processing and delivery, reduce the intermediate step, improve the utilization rate of the panel, and shorten the delivery.
    1.The production line is low precision, poor quality and low cost performance.
    2.No enough production line for the the process. For some of the process, they will sub-contract to other supplier. It always make the schedule delay.
    Test InstrumentFeiteng test center has a full set of advanced test instrument with  CNAS certification and CMA certification. We control the quality from the very beginning to the end in high request. Such as raw material, SOP, finished material, package and so on.Only few simple test instrument, Product quality are not able to be guaranteed.
    SOPChemical treatment -coating-composite-trimming,all processes are completed by the factory to ensure the production quality of each process. The rear side skin of the composite panel is also subjected to a chemical treatment to greatly improve the peel strength.They sub-contracted coil to other supplier for chemical treatment and coating. Not able to control the quality. Sometime they skip some production process such as clean which will cause a lot of quality issue.
    Raw materialAluminum coilChoosing the qualified aluminum coil from good company whose aluminum has good quality such as smooth surface,uniform thickness,excellent mechanical and physical processing performance and so on. The rust resistance aluminum alloy used for our cladding ACP.Aluminium coil from small factory. Poor flatness, large deviation on thickness. It will have bad affect on the  bonding strength of finished product. Not able to meet the national standard. And the duration performance is poor too.
    CoatingPVDF, FEVE and polyester painting from famous company such as PPG, AkzoNoble and Taiyang. It makes the panel have good performance in self-cleaning, adhesion and weather resistance; Acid-proof, alkali-proof. And it makse sure the curtain wall panel have no paint, no blister, no cracking for 15 years.Low price paint, easy to chalk, poor weather resistance, poor adhesion, poor acid and alkali resistance. Poor self-cleaning, easy to get fade.
    LDPEWe take the special raw materials for various grade of flame retardant from large companies and special technology to make the product. So it ensure smooth inner core, high strength, small thermal deformation coefficient, stable chemical performance and required fire resistance.Low price of recycled materials seriously affects the adhesion of ACP, poor chemical stability and poor weather resistance
    Polymer filmWe used the Dupont raw materials and it ensures the finished products have super adhesion, high peel-off strength.Low price products, low adhesion, easy to delaminate and blister after installed. low peel-off strength.
    Material VarietyVariety1.All kinds of special aluminum composite panel for internal and external walls: Such as nano self-cleaning panel, chameleon ACP. high gloss and weather resistant ACP, anti-static ACP, anti-bacterial ACP and various types of laminated pattern panel. (maximum width 2000mm), A2 non-combustible ACP.
    2.Copper composite panel, stainless steel composite panel, zinc composite panel, galvanized steel composite panel.
    3.Bimetal Plate and Solid aluminum panel.
    4.And we also provide the service of sheet metal forming (shaped) processing.
    Less product variety, normally they will sub-contract to other factory.
    Cost performanceConceptBetter price if same quality,
    Better service if same price.
    We make it and we make it better.
    Low price but with low quality and poor service.
    Customer inspectionHappy to have our customer to inspect the raw material,production process,finished material on site. And we could provide the material to our customer for the third part inspection. Our company test center is open 24-7 for our customer as well.No warranty
    Sales performanceOversea marketing and local marketingTop one for export sales in ACP industry for many consecutive yearsNo oversea business, small export and small sales.
    HonorJiangsu high-tech enterprise China famous trademark
    National products exempt from inspection Green building selected products
    China Metal Composite Industry Quality Management Training Base